A New Quality of Care Lies Behind These Blue Lines


US Patent No: 10,151,084 B2

Until now the design of sinks and other plumbing fixtures have not changed for over a century. Handwashing has long been recognized as a leading means to reduce the transmission of disease and therefore we have installed them in the patient care environment. Regardless, sink drains have been found by researchers at the University of Virginia and elsewhere, to be a contributor to HAI’s. Sinks can act as an ideal environment for antibiotic resistant bacteria, as they thrive below the drain.


In 2016, Safe Health Solutions (SHS) set out to design and build a device to mitigate this risk and seperate the contaminants in the sewer from the patient and staff. In 2017, the device was tested at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) by Dr. James E. Talmadge in a lab environment. The device was tested to extremes that were well beyond anything that should be encountered in an actual install. Results exceeded expectations and those results were recently published in the Journal of Hospital Infection.


The SHS ADA compliant sink combines multiple layers of smart technologies working in unison to seperate the sewer from the care environment.


For the first time the sink has implemented a curved surface to reduce splash by coordinating and matching the exact location of the surface with the discharge location of the faucet.


For the first time the design of the sink naturally incorporates slopes such that the sink naturally meets ADA Requirements while allowing a deeper basin than current ADA Compliant Sinks.


First sink to ever incorporate exhaust through the basin into a negative pressure air chamber (ante room) above the sink trap.


First sink to implement germicidal ultra-violet lights have been introduced within the negatively pressurized chamber (ante room) to kill bacteria located within the drain trap and within the ante room before they have a chance to contaminate the sink basin used by patients or hospital staff.


First time a sink using one or more sanitizing agent injectors at various locations throughout the open cavity and/or into the exhaust port to help clean the surfaces of the open cavity and the exhaust port.


A central control system have been implemented to provide monitoring and control to ensure that the features of the sink are functioning according to their intended design.


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